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Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Name Is Karen And I am an Alcoholic and Addict

AND, a Crossfit Devotee!
Today I celebrate 24 years of being clean and sober. Something I am pretty pumped about. But, not something you usually tell people when they first meet you.

Crossfit on the other hand, and the fact that I enjoy participating in Crossfit,is something I can tell people if they ask how I stay in decent shape at my age. (I think that it would be a little off putting if I shared that I had stopped being a sloppy drunk and Zanax devotee)

Crossfit is hard. Crossfit is especially intimidating if you are over 40 and watch the amazing athletes at the Crossfit Games on ESPN.  The fact that I consistently participate in daily WOD's and can climb a rope, do multiple pushups, deadlift 200 pounds, run a mile,etc... is something I'm pretty proud of. It took a lot of hard work without quitting. I can look at women my age and younger and I am fairly confident that 90% of the population around me wouldn't survive a zombie apocalypse and/or a typical day at Crossfit (unless they took an on-ramp intro Crossfit course of course)
Crossfit gives me something to be proud of and something I can share.

There are lots of reasons people are drunks. Heredity,genes, family, insecurity, etc,etc,etc. Whatever the reason, it is hard to stay sober. Society and our culture encourages having a good time and enjoying a drink while gathering socially.  Crossfit gives me a chance to gather with a group of people who enjoy the same things I do and it doesn't involve drinking.  For an hour or two a day we gather, do battle together, laugh and encourage each other, generally have a good time, and leave happy.

I would still be sober if I hadn't found Crossfit. I have a partner and two sons who are incentive enough to stay on the straight and narrow.  Crossfit just makes staying sober a little easier and for that I am grateful, especially today.

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