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Friday, January 31, 2014


Gluten's affect on the human brain 

GRAIN BRAIN-an interesting book that is based largely on the Paleo diet with allowances for some dairy and some gluten free grains.

In an article, titled "CAN THE PALEO DIET HEAL MENTAL DISORDERS" written by Kimberly Leonard in US News.com, she summarized some of the main hypothesis in Dr.Perlmutter's book.

*" that grains cause degenerative brain disorders, including dementia and Alzheimer's disease, and play a role in attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, epilepsy, anxiety, migraines and depression. Gluten, which is a "glue" that holds flour together, is the main culprit of obesity and why people suffer from brain diseases,..."

*" The bread products of our ancestors also had lower levels of gluten than today's processed foods. When your body encounters gluten your blood sugar spikes, causing inflammation and severe harm to your brain, he says...."

*"The idea that people are nutritionally deprived because they don't eat grain has no scientific basis," he says, adding that the nutritional value of grain products is nothing more than a marketing ploy....."

*" people need to be selective and eat only the meat of animals that have been grass fed. Most cattle are fed genetically modified grain, not their natural diet of grass, which he says is high in fatty acid and provides what the brain needs for optimum health. The brain contains 60 to 70 percent fat, Perlmutter says. Therefore, the more fat and cholesterol you eat, he explains, the healthier your brain will be....."

* Spend 20 minutes a day walking, jogging, using the elliptical or biking.
Exercise stimulates the growth of new brain cells, Perlmutter says. "There's no prescription that can do this," he says. "All you have to do is exercise...."

* Perlmutter lists seven "Super Supplements" he says nourish the brain. They include: DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid; resveratrol, a supplement that slows aging; turmeric, a supplement that improves glucose metabolism; probiotics, which fight bacteria; alpha-lipoic acid, an antioxidant; and coconut oil and vitamin D.

*"And don't forget to sleep, which allows the brain to heal itself on a daily basis...."

Please read the entire article HERE

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