f Why You Are Never Too Old For Crossfit!!!!!: "Determination Will Get You Through This!" Thank You Crossfit New England!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"Determination Will Get You Through This!" Thank You Crossfit New England!

I Crossfit at a special place, CFNE.  Now I know everybody
thinks that their Box is the best in the world. That's ok,
it just means that the owners of that particular box have
done something right. I think that is why Crossfit
is so awesome. It is the people it attracts (and stick with it) that make
working out at all the Boxes in the World so special.
It is the community and the friends and teammates
we all make that keeps us coming back.

Today I received a call out from my coach Ben Bergeron.  I finally had gotten double unders in a WOD and he took to the comments (under the WOD announcement) to congratulate me. As you can see by my response I 100% believe that I wouldn't have EVER gotten double unders if I hadn't had the CFNE community (and my long suffering family) behind me. I kept failing and they all kept picking me back up and telling my I would do it someday.  Positive affirmations are not very common these days, unfortunately we live in a world of negativity and gloom and doom.
Not at Crossfit New England though, it is a place full of expectations, encouragement, and accomplishments.
My Happy Place.

Ben Bergeron
Just wanted to give a shout out to Karen Hayes for her dedication and determination. Over the past 3 years Karen has struggled with double unders. Up until about 6 months ago she couldn’t do a single double under.
But over the past six months she has come into class early and worked on them by herself every day. I remember when she got her first one, and then started to get 2-3 in a workout. Well today, after six months of TOTAL commitment she ripped through hundreds of them.
Karen – you inspire me to be better. Thank you!
Thank YOU Ben!
I can’t think of many other places (or any other place quite honestly) that I would have gotten the positive encouragement and support that I received at CFNE (for over 4 years, not one person said I couldn’t do it). While yes, I worked at them a lot, the key for me was the never ending positivity I got from you , the other coaches, and the members of CFNE.
Not a lot of things a 57 year old can do a happy dance about when it comes to athletic accomplishments. This one will make me smile for a long time.
CFNE is a special place!
Thank you again for the kind words,

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