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Thursday, February 5, 2015

"How does Age affect improvement in CrossFit?"

From Beyond the Whiteboard:

"In this article we’ll be throwing age into the mix. We’ll explore the relationship between an athlete’s Age and improvement time in CrossFit. How much of a difference is there in improvement times between a 25 year-old and a 45 year-old? This is an especially important question when considering the validity and necessity of age-divisions in competitions, such as the various Master’s Divisions at the CrossFit Games."

" After analyzing the data, we found that there is a strong correlation between an athlete’s age and how long it took them to improve their BTWB Fitness Level by 10 levels. As an example, on average, it took 45 year old athletes nearly 2 months longer (32% longer) to improve from a level 60 to a level 70 when compared to their 25 year old counterparts."

"We know of many athletes, because of CrossFit, who claim to be more fit at 50 then they were at 30. CrossFit isn’t just trying to extend life expectancy. It’s also trying to extend the number of functionally independent, enjoyable years. A grandma who can deadlift 150 pounds is not going to have issues getting out of bed, getting dressed, picking up grandkids, etc."

To read the entire article, click HERE

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