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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Burpees Stink! Double Unders Suck!

1.  Deadlift
3 x  3 reps across.

2.  "Fast and Filthy"
10 - 20 reps for time of:
Box jump, 24"
Jumping pull-ups
Kettlebell swings (53, 35)
Walking Lunge steps
Knees to elbows
Push press (65, 45)
Back extensions
Wall balls (20, 14)
Double unders

In this workout you will complete 10 reps of every movement, and then repeat the circuit again but with 20 reps for each exercise.

*This was today's workout. As workouts go, I liked it because there were no real olympic lifts during the workout but, there was a lot of cardio-it was tough. To make matters worse it included box jumps, which I have done but now, I can't do. I know it is all in my head but I just can't get over the fear. Plus, double-unders, again , one of my "goats" as they say in Crossfit lingo. My 13 year old son has learned both of these movements, something he takes great joy in holding over my head!  
Tomorrow-squat cleans and dips-yuck. Last time I did dips my shoulders were tired for a week.
I've complained this whole post but you know what-I can't wait for tomorrow's workout!!

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