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Friday, October 1, 2010

Paleo Cookbook Update

Usually I am not one to push a product but, I feel so strongly about the health benefits of the Paleo Diet that this cookbook seems like a no brainer. It is sometimes a struggle to come up with dinners that are Paleo and at the same time, not boring or repetitive. How many times can you eat chicken breast and salad or steak and veggies. At least with a cookbook you can come up with a variety of meals. Check out this article reiterating the importance of healthy eating:

The cardiovascular risks associated with unhealthy eating are well documented and becoming ever prevalent in the media. Because of this, more people are gravitating towards a healthy eating lifestyle such as the paleo diet. According to a report by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information, a potential ‘processed foods industry’ response to this consumer backlash could be the introduction of a "magic statin pill" that speculatively serves to offset the negative cardiovascular effects of fast-foods Read on.....

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