f Why You Are Never Too Old For Crossfit!!!!!: A Review of the new Reebok Crossfit Shoe

Monday, December 12, 2011

A Review of the new Reebok Crossfit Shoe

I found this review on the up and coming Reebok Crossfit Shoe. It is scheduled to come out in early 2012.  Interesting pros and cons. Will you be waiting to purchase your next set of shoes from Reebok or will you stay with the tried and true Innov-8's?  Read the review here..

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  1. I have heard good reviews of this shoe. I think these Reebok Shoes will do well in the market.

  2. If you want to make balance of your body then you should wear right crossfit shoe. You can use crofit shoe in your regular life. Like walking, sporting, exercise. So try to the best brand shoe for your regular life.