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Thursday, March 12, 2015


I was reading Facebook and came across a list of the best Paleo Blogs on the internet.  While everyone's "favorites" are always subject to discussion I found that this list included many of my favorites. So From:


Rubies & Radishes-people new to the lifestyle


Primal Palate-everything you need to know


Real Food Liz-blog focused on healthy living


Paleoista-Loaded with useful nutritional tips, fitness advice, restaurant reviews and ideas for paleo holidays,


Nom Nom Paleo- paleo recipes, travel advice and tips on how to keep your kitchen paleo-friendly.


Paleo OMG-lifestyle blog that inserts the paleo ethos into the three f’s: food, fitness and fashion.


The Domestic Man-Thus, this blog aims to document the forgotten traditions of our hunter-gatherer ancestors and connect us back to a more sustainable way of eating.


Paleo Leap-great resource for newcomers to the paleo diet


The Primal Parent-follows the story of a mother as she builds a paleo lifestyle for her husband and children.


Everyday Paleo- family-friendly blog offers an extensive index of recipes fit for kids and adults alike.


The Paleo Mom-great resource for introducing kids of all ages to the diet


The Clothes Make the Girl-You can find tips on how to enjoy the company of non-Paleo friends and family without compromising your own healthy choices. 


Check out this link for a more complete explanation about each site and what it offers.

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